Swalky – The Journey From Then Until Now

Swalky was founded on the 1st of May 2020 as an idea to bring together local walkers and dog owners to socialise and have fun whilst outdoors. This very simple idea was thought of by Luke, who is the founder. We have since grown into a fully functional platform and fast growing network. We are currently based in the UK, but gradually expanding into all parts of Europe and soon enough, worldwide. Our online community is growing gradually, we have a website and many social media accounts for people to keep in touch with us. We had some challenges to start with. The website experienced quite a lot of technical issues, but thanks to our tenacity and a lot of tech work, it is now fully functional. As we grow, we are getting a lot of feedback from our community and we are constantly improving our website design and its features (If you notice something on our website that could be better or you want to suggest an additional feature, we’d love to hear from you.)

When we created our platform, we intended to offer it as a paid premium service however, after a lot of deliberating we have decided to keep our services free. In the meantime, we will generate income through advertising and donations, which we will use to fund our charity events and maintenance costs. Our website is fully integrated to work on any phone and can be used to meet people quickly and easily.

Swalky’s Core Principles

As a community, we have certain principles we abide by that guide and strengthen our communal bond. Let us share them with you:  

Community Spirit: We are all about communities and the bond we form and share. As Jean Vanier, a Canadian philosopher said, “One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people so we couldn’t as individuals.” We can do a lot as a community, including changing our lives to fundraising for events and causes.  

Equality: Everyone is welcome to walk with us; when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE. For community members that are physically challenged and elderly, we intend to conduct monthly interviews with a select few to know how Swalky is improving their lives. We will include their feedback in the newsletter you recieve.  

Sustainability: We intend to improve the walking experience for the future and also care for our furry friends, so we are partnering with local charities to help us achieve this. We want to keep communities growing and people walking for the long haul.

We Have A Hall Of Fame For “Swalkers”

Star Walkers: This is where we’ll recognise our walkers of the month. Want to be a star walker? Send us your photos of your walks, local community and participation at our events. We’d love to hear about your favourite places to walk and any friends you’ve made along the way.  

Star Dogs: Here we’ll feature some of our dogs of the month, recognised for activities like being the most fun and adventurous, or being an exceptional rescue or guide dog. We let our users vote for their favourite dogs in every newsletter and announce the winners the following month.

Upcoming Events For September – October

If you are interested in participating in upcoming walking and events, we have taken the pleasure of listing them down below. Please note that many of these events may be affected due to the rising COVID-19 situation.

Upcoming Walking Events In The UK  

  • The Front Line Walk: This event is organised by Soldier Charity to commemorate the service of fallen heroes and veterans in World War I and II. This is a 100km endurance trek that will span from 8th-11th October 2020. The event is located in the South West, and costs from £135 – £150 to take part in. Click here for more details.  
  • Oxford Shine Night Walk, 10K: Organised by the Cancer Research, UK. They scheduled it to be held on the 3rd of October in South East London. It is going to be a fun 10km fun walk, and more. The event time is 08:15pm and cost £14.99. Read more about it here.
  • Atlantic Coast Challenge: Votwo is organising this 3-day marathon of up to 78.6 miles. This event gives you the chance to test your endurance against some rugged coastlines in the UK. It will occur between the 9th – 11 October 2020. Prices start from £65, up to £185 for all 3 days. Learn more here

Major Dog Events in 2020  

  • Discover Dogs:  ExCel London is a tremendous event with hundreds of dogs and their owners. It is so much fun with plenty to see and to do. The event will happen on the 17th & 18th October 2020. You can buy your tickets here.  
  • The National Pet Show is one of the biggest shows of all pets in the UK and it is coming to NEC Birmingham. They schedule the event to hold from 31st of October – November 1. You can find out more about this here.
  • Paws in the Park seek to bring dogs in all facets together; whether they are working, trained or pet dogs. It is all about dogs displaying their agility and their intelligence. Their next upcoming event will be held at South of England Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex, on 10th & 11th October. Find out more about this awesome event here.

Swalky – The Path Ahead  

  • Next week: Marketing developments, local brochures, flyers and Facebook Pixel.
  • Next month: First “Star Walker & Star Dog of the month” announcement, first official meet up (COVID pending) and new regular content.
  • Next few months: Major announcement, competition and giveaways.
  • Next year: Global launch, daily/weekly content, merchandise store, sponsorship and attendance at major events.  

Remember, we are always on the lookout for new content or helpers. Have a photo or video that you’d like to share? Or, could you spare a few hours per week to help us? Get in touch today!  

Current voluntary vacancies:  

  • Content Developer ­– for daily/weekly content production featuring dogs and walks.
  • Graphic Designer – for newsletter template production and marketing material.
  • Marketing Assistant – for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube account management.  

What Would You Like To See?   We want to hear your opinion. Get in touch with your feedback and help us improve the community.  


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Twitter: swalkyy

Youtube: swalkytv  


Email: support@swalky.com

Address: Swalky, Kemp House, 152 – 160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX  

Or via social media  

By Christopher Samuel – Content Writing Lead

By Admin Team

Swalky primary administration account. Please PM any issues or email admin@swalky.com.

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