Introducing… Swalky! The Social Walking Platform.

Find local dogs and walkers at the touch of a button.

Immerse yourself in a world of endless adventures, meet new people and make friends along the way. Learn the best places to walk, discover new dog breeds and improve your health and wellbeing.

Benefits & Features

Our app has been built with dogs and walkers in mind.
The countdown to a new adventure begins…

Share Your Passion

Customise your profile with photos of you and your dog. Share information about your favourite walks, hobbies and interests.

View Local Swalkers

View local Swalkers based on your location and search preferences. Find the friends that you and your dog are looking for.

Control Your Privacy

Choose which information you share with others and go walking with peace of mind. Feel protected through the use of many account privacy features.

Send Messages

Message users and get to know people before meeting them. Upload photos from your phone, or take photos whilst out walking to share with your friends and family.

Plan Your Walks

Record your walking ability and preferred environment. Select your preferred days and times to walk and display on your profile to showcase to other users.

Healthy Minds

Start your journey to a better self through regular exercise and sociability. Become part of a close-knit community striving to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

There are over 7.9 million people living alone in the UK, many of whom have struggled throughout this global pandemic. Our aim is to support everyone wherever possible and help them feel themselves again. We hope our app will empower people to get outside and take steps to improve their lives through exercise and socialising.


There are also over 10 million dog owners, each of whom owns a different breed. As you are probably aware, there are thousands of dog groups situated on other social media platforms, many of which are isolated to their breed. We want to take these dog groups and turn them into one massive community, where all dogs and walkers are welcome.

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Swalky Core Values

We have three core values at the heart of everything we do:

1. Improve Communities - Bring Together Local People and Dogs To Build Relationships

Due to COVID-19 and modern day technology, people are spending more time indoors than ever before. We aim to reduce screen time and help rebuild confidence and sociability outdoors. We are all about society and the bonds that we form and share. The ability to search for specific dogs and walkers gives users the freedom to plan their walks with others. Together we can do a lot more as one big community! We hope one day to be more than just a phone application and instead a voice to be heard.

2. Improve Lives - Give Everyone the Opportunity to Get Outdoors

Swalky is free to use and open to everyone. Our vision is to bring together a wide network of users, from vast walks of life. This will not only help build social skills and respect for our planet, but it will also help promote mental health and wellbeing. We focus on the passion for dogs and walking, rather than individual characteristics. There is estimated to be 14.1 million people in the UK with a recognised disability (Scope, UK) and we are proud to be one of the only social media platforms to actively incorporate disabilities into our application.

3. Improve the Planet - Promote A Cleaner Today For A Greener Tomorrow.

Users are encouraged to walk locally wherever possible and remain responsible for all environmental impact. The UK plans to be carbon neutral by 2050 and one of the great benefits of walking is that it causes very little, if any carbon footprint at all. Our vision is to remain as carbon neutral as possible and improve the areas that we venture to. We want to keep communities growing and people walking for the long haul and an important part of that is keeping environments clean.


10% of all monthly earnings will be distributed to charities that are in line with our values. Users will have the option to vote for their charities of choice via our social media.

Your Dog Will Love Our App

Pawsitive Vibes Only!

Here at Swalky, we understand the value of human-dog relationships and the love and loyalty that dogs bring into our lives. We make walking your dog more enjoyable. Your dog meets other dogs, whilst you also meet new people and forge friendships. Our app isn’t just for pedigree breeds. We welcome dogs of all kinds whether they are cross-bred, disabled or rescued and love them all as much as each other.
For that reason, we never leave dogs out of our social walks and enjoy seeing their panting tongues and waggling tails.

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