Delete My Data

Your right to have your data deleted

You have the right to ask us to delete the data we hold about you. In some circumstances, we must do by law. You may sometimes hear this called the ‘right to be forgotten’.


If you would like us to delete your data, please email us and state the personal data you want us to erase with the subject heading “Delete my Data Request”. A member of our team will then happily process this request.


For more information about our responsibilities and your data rights please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office here.






Step 1.

Begin by making us aware of your request to have your data deleted. Click the Settings icon in the bottom right of the navigation bar and then click ‘Contact Us’.


Alternatively you can email us or reach out via social media.








Step 2.

Specify what data you would like us to remove, or if you want it deleted entirely. We will follow up your request and also delete data that is stored outside of our app database.






Step 3.

Once an account is deleted it is unrecoverable, therefore consider disabling your account before deleting it, encase you change your mind.

Navigate to ‘Account Settings’ from the Settings menu.





Step 4.

Choose ‘Disable Account’ if you would like to temporarily hide your account from other people. Your account will not show in search results.


Choose ‘Delete Account’ if you would like to permanently erase your account from our database.





Step 5.

Click ‘Yes’ in the notification box to complete the process. Your data will then be deleted from our app and you will be logged out.