Update & Guidance For Walkers

The following guidance was taken from the government COVID-19 support website. Further information and references can be found via the GOV website here.

Please note the following guidance applies to England and does not represent Scotland or Northern Ireland. Please avoid travelling to these parts unless absolutely necessary.

5 Steps to Walking Safely

Maximum of 6 walkers per group.

Swalky takes the safety and protection of its walkers very seriously and strongly encourages people to follow our recommendations, which have been developed alongside government guidance:

  1. Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment before events and share with attendees.
  2. Develop cleaning and hand washing procedures before, during and after walks. Either take hand sanitiser or ensure events have hand washing facilities nearby. Please do not share any items unless with a member of your household.
  3. Walk locally where possible and avoid driving to events.
  4. Maintain 2 meters apart and keep dogs on leads in closed spaces. Use a one-way route when walking on narrow trails. Follow safety measures when attending cafes, or indoor venues. Take your own food and drink with you where possible.
  5. Where walks cannot be 2 meters apart, manage transmission risk by wearing PPE, find alternative routes or end the walk. Stagger event times throughout the day to reduce mass gatherings.

We are frequently checking the government website and will make changes to these recommendations as the situation is relaxed.

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