Swalky - Where It All Began

Swalky was founded on the 1st of May 2020 as an idea to bring together local walkers and dog owners to socialise and have fun whilst outdoors. This very simple idea was thought of by Luke, who is the founder. Swalky has since grown into a fully functional platform and fast growing network.

Swalky is currently based in the UK, but is gradually expanding into all parts of Europe and soon enough, worldwide. Our online community is growing gradually, we have a website and many social media accounts for people to keep in touch with us.

We are proud to offer Swalky for free and will never charge for our services. Income will be generated through advertising and donations, which will we will use to fund charity events and maintenance costs.

Our website is fully integrated to work on any phone and can be used to meet people quickly and easily.

Three Primary Principles
Swalky was developed with three main principles in mind:

1. Bring together local people and dogs to build communities - We are all about communities and the bond we form and share. The ability to search for specific walkers, dogs and groups gives users the freedom to plan their walks. We can do a lot as a community, from changing our lives to fundraising for events and causes.
2. Give everyone the opportunity to get outdoors, exercise and socialise without discrimination - Money from charity events and future advertising will go towards supporting physical and mental wellbeing. Planned events will ensure everyone receives an equal opportunity to walk and get outside regardless of their age, gender, physicality or ethnic beliefs.
3. Promote a cleaner today for a greener future - Users are encouraged to walk locally where possible and remain responsible for all domestic waste. Event hosts and attendees are encouraged to consider all factors towards environmental impact. We intend to improve the walking experience for the future and also care for our furry friends, so we are partnering with local charities to help us achieve this. We want to keep communities growing and people walking for the long haul.

Swalky by its Members

Summed up for us.

“Swalky gave me the confidence to get outside and improve my fitness. I started walking alone, but soon met many people who shortly became my friends. “

Steve, 36, London

“My dog enjoys his walk 10x more now! He gets to explore new places and make lots of friends along the way.”

Wendy, 48, Bristol



“A great opportunity for less abled people to feel part of a community and make friends. This is something the world needs more of right now.”

Jack, 23, Manchester

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