Our Vision

Unite people and dogs to combat loneliness and mental health.

An estimated 8.3 million people live alone in the UK (Statistica, 2021), many have struggled throughout the pandemic. Our app empowers people to rebuild social skills and confidence through outdoor exercise and socialising.

Make walks accessible for all, particularly disabled walkers.

SCOPE charity states that there are now 14.6 million disabled people in the UK. We’re proud to actively incorporate disabled users into our app and plan to design many more features around their needs.

Offer flexible dog services to help people manage their return to work after the pandemic.

There is an unprecedented need for dog services, as there’s now over 12 million dog owners in the UK, with a whopping 3.2 million dogs joining families during lockdown (Dogs Trust, 2022). 

Enable people to walk with dogs who cannot own them.

Since the first lockdown, 5% of pet owners had to give up their pet due to reasons beyond their control (The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, 2021). We hope our social app and dog services will help people manage their day-to-day lives and prevent abandonment.

Swalky Core Values

We have three core values at the heart of everything we do:

1. Improve Communities - Unite Local People & Dogs to Build Relationships.

Our goal is to help rebuild confidence and sociability outdoors after the COVID pandemic. We are about society and the bonds that we form and share. Our app enables users to walk their dog with others, whereas our services provide for when they cannot.

Together we can do a lot more as one big community! 

2. Improve Lives - Give Everyone the Opportunity to Get Outdoors.

Our app is FREE to use and available to everyone. We seek to bring together a wide group of people from vast walks of life to enhance social skills and mental health. People should be able to enjoy their passion for walking and dogs regardless of their individual characteristics or disabilities. We use our training and experience through our services to guide others towards becoming better dog parents.

3. Improve the Planet - A Cleaner Today for A Greener Tomorrow.

The UK plans to be carbon neutral by 2050 and a great benefit of walking is that it causes minimal, if any carbon footprint at all. We want to keep people walking for the long haul and an important part of that is keeping environments clean. We therefore encourage our users to consider all environmental impacts when planning walks. 

A Woofing Good Time

Dog walks are just the start of our journey towards building a large community of walkers and dog lovers, where dogs can socialise, play and build skills with others. With the return to normal life, many dogs have developed separation anxiety and lost social skills, or worse yet have been rehomed altogether.

Our social app and dog services will help boost self-esteem, provide mental stimulation and release pent-up energy, which is particularly important for pedigree breeds.

We enable users to search for dog walkers via a wide range of preferences including age, gender, location, dog breeds, fitness ability and walking preferences, so they can be sure the walk matches their needs. We currently feature 250+ dog breeds, including Kennel Club pedigrees, crossbreeds, rescues and disabled dogs. No dogs are excluded!

Can’t find your breed? No problem! Contact us and we’ll add it for you! 🐶